Sustainable Bishopston News Bulletin December 2013




Dates for your diary

Sustainable Bishopston is hosting a Bishopston Green Mingle. Come and meet like minded people and polish up your new year resolutions in the convivial surrounding of Bubalu on the Gloucester Road. 7-9pm January 14th.

The next business meeting of Sustainable Bishopston is open to all members. Please come along to share your ideas and topics of interest on  Monday, 24th February, 8pm.  at The Annex at The Sportsman, Nevil Road, Bishopston. BS7 9EQ.


On the 18th December the Golden Hill Community Gardens are having some gorgeous looking Christmas celebrations in the evening. Click here for details.

Watch this space of a screening of the movie “More than honey” in late January/ early February. The movie is being promoted by Friends of the Earth as part of the Bee Cause campaign.
News and opportunities to get involved

Benches and Planters. SB are delighted to have made a successful bid to the council’s Active Travel fund. We won funds for six benches and some planters in the area. These are designed to enable shoppers and other pedestrians to get to and from shops and to tackle the hilly streets around Gloucester Road with a chance for a rest while out browsing shops or getting home. Half a dozen benches are to be sited near the shops and on the slopes around the area, and the two on Sommerville Road are to be combined with planters requested by residents. These are to be sited on the highway as the street is also affected by fast traffic affecting pedestrians getting to and from local schools. The benches and planters will therefore act as a chicane (bend in the road) encouraging vehicles to slow and weave around them on each side of the street, with warning marks to make them visible. The benches will be on the sides away from traffic. The residents shall be maintaining the planters to enhance their street. The project is currently being discussed with Highways as their agreement is needed and they are going to implement the facilities for us.

Traffic calming. The 20 mph campaign is succeeding in bringing about new signage as well as other physical traffic calming measures in Kings Drive, Cranbrook Road and Redland Road. See this map showing the “roads requiring treatment” such as white lining or signing treatment such as the removal of the central line or marked 20 mph roundels in the carriageway.


Click here for a petition on the council web site for a new road crossing on Berkeley Road, which forms the Bishopston/Redland border. This aims to provide a safe crossing point at a busy cross-roads on this route to Bishop Road, St Bons and Redland Green schools (where there has been a number of near misses), as well as providing an element of traffic calming. The petitioner has already consulted with local councillors and council officers and a study/discussion of the problem and the options available is included.


Academic links. We have several major higher education institutions nearby. What links can be made to academic partners to promote sustainability in Bishopston. Any ideas? Contacts?

SB will soon have a new noticeboard facing up Glos Road from Zetland Road. It will be available for other others to use to promote local happenings. For the new noticeboard and also for our existing noticeboard outside Tesco, please contact Sarah –

Bristol as European Green Capital 2015. This is a great success for Bristol. How can we capitalise on in locally? Click here for more details.

The Blue Finger Alliance (see also the blog and tweets @bluefingerfood)is a growing network of individuals and organisations who are campaigning for the protection of good quality soil for food growing. This issue is coming more and more into the awareness of policy makers and veg growers, shoppers and food businesses alike. This is a growing movement based in Bristol which is working with partners to try and get Bristol’s own ‘Blue Finger’ Grade 1 land protected using new, groundbreaking, home-grown policy making.


They are suggesting contacting the Mayor to continue his encouraging start with some levers for long term systemic change. You can support their work by asking the Mayor to:

  • Do away with the Council’s proposed Park & Ride ‘Safeguard’ for the Grade 1 land in favour of an ‘urban agriculture/food growing’ safeguard instead, ensuring that it’s real value and purpose is not lost to tarmac.
  • Oversee/request the integration of a Sustainable Food Systems policy into the 2014-2024 Local Plan. The Blue Finger Alliance has already written and submitted this new policy in partnership with the Bristol Food Policy Council. At the moment, the Council are not going to include it as we have proposed but may if the Mayor steps in.


See Maddy Longhursts post of 5th December for helpful details of how.


Feed Bristol wins!!

Maddy Longhurst of The Blue Finger Alliance has highlighted the success of the Avon Wildlife Trust’s Feed Bristol. They have won the ‘Volunteers for Food’ award, jointly with Severn Project at the Bristol Green Volunteers 2013 awards. Well deserved recognition for them both. Feed Bristol is situated on the gorgeous Grade 1 Blue Finger land and is threatened with serious loss and damage if current road / Park & Ride plans go ahead. Stapleton Allotment holders are already losing their plots to make way for roads.


Local Food Roots film.

For a new insight into the local food movement of the last 20 years Maddy urges you to check out Joy Carey’s new film ‘Local Food Roots’. You can see the trailer online and buy it to show among your friends and colleagues and in your communities. See also another movie from Joy that illustrates how different initiatives in Bristol come together around the question of What does Good Food mean for Bristol? Click here to see the excellent 3 minute movie by the Bristol Food Policy Council.


Beacon Lane Starter Farm.

If you want to get a piece of the action, get involved with the Beacon Lane Starter Farm. It’s a Blue Finger project and an initiative of Phil Houghton of the Better Food Company. The vision is to crowdfund land purchase on the Blue Finger and set up, in their words…‘an educational, cooperative and commercial enterprise supporting the next generation of farmers to grow high quality food for the local area using sustainable methods’. Like their Facebook page and sign up for their newsletter. They have submitted the project to ‘George’s Ideas Lab’.

Getting Gleaning

Gleaning is the ancient practice of collecting leftover crops from farmers’ fields Maddy Longhurst is the Bristol Regional Co-ordinator of the UK Gleaning Network. She is  looking for more volunteers for gleaning days in 2014.


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