UPDATED: Safer speeds, saving lives in Bishopston – a petition on 20mph

UPDATE January 2016: The council has received a substantial petition demanding the removal of 20mph speed limits. If you’d prefer to keep them please see below for a counter-petition to make your opinion known.

Mike Frost says:

We are currently on 3,768 and need just another 233 by the end of the month! If we reach 4,001 then there can be a full council debate on the positive benefits of 20mph (most likely in March) and members of Sustainable Bishopston could, for example, present evidence to councillors in writing or in person before the debate if they wanted to. I am intending to myself.

If people can keep “spreading the word” and encourage others to sign by word of mouth or electronic means, that would be a great help! A link to the petition is below. If together we can reach 4,001 then we show local politicians that people really do care about and want sustainable travel.


From: Mike Frost <yes.keep20mph.in.bristol@gmail.com>
Date: 4 November 2015 at 09:36
Subject: Safer speeds, saving lives in Bishopston – a petition on 20mph
To: info@sustainablebishopston.org.uk

Dear Sustainable Bishopston,

Hello, I am writing about green travel and safer speeds in Bishopston and Bristol.  I am hoping members and supporters of Sustainable Bishopston may sign a petition in favour of keeping 20mph safer speeds if you haven’t already done so.

20mph maximum traffic speeds where people live mean safer streets for vulnerable road users, including pedestrians and people with disabilities, a better environment and more cycling and walking. Lower speed limits are proven over time to save lives and promote better public health, and an e-petition in favour of keeping 20mph speed limits in Bristol’s residential areas is here:


Please could you sign this if you haven’t already done so? – many thanks!  And could this please be circulated to members and supporters, and put in your email news or have a link to the petition on your website?

20mph maximum speeds where people live in Bishopston mean that:

  • there are fewer collisions and they are less severe, saving many lives and reducing injuries
  • it is safer for vulnerable disabled and elderly people in their streets
  • it is safer for children on their journey to school
  • local roadsare safer for people who walk or cycle, thus encouraging green travel
  • neighbourhoodsare also calmer and less polluted.

Bristol’s Health & Well-being Board supports 20mph, many schools and parents support 20mph speeds, and NHS Bristol has recently publicly supported 20mph safer speeds. In short, there are many proven health, environmental and social benefits which enhance the quality of everyone’s lives (there is ample evidence from reputable studies which I can forward if needed). But these lower speeds have been attacked by a minority of polluting motorists (the “Alliance of British Drivers”) who are climate change deniers, hate green travel, and want to scrap 20mph. We must defeat them by showing strong support for cycling and walking and safer speeds!


It would be very helpful if you could please consider forwarding on to any like-minded others you know, and share on social media!  Anyone in Bristol and neighbouring areas (Bath, North Somerset, South Glos) can sign the petition, as well as people from outside these postcodes.

We currently have 3,235 signatures and need to get to 3,900 by mid-December to have a full council debate on the merits of 20mph. Your support would be very much appreciated indeed and would help us towards this target!  

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to be in touch. I am simply a person who lives in a street in Knowle which has 20mph, have seen the many benefits, and would like to keep this. I hope you can consider signing and mention to others. Any help you can give in spreading the word would be enormously appreciated.

Many thanks! – and with best regards,

Mike Frost

Bristol BS4

Please sign this petition: http://epetitions.bristol.gov.uk/epetition_core/view/pro20mph if you walk or cycle along, live in or otherwise use Bristol’s streets or visit beautiful Bristol. Thank you!

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