Park Arts ’11

Billed as a summer celebration of local creativity in St Andrew’s Park, it certainly lived up to the mark. Numerous stalls of creative art work, music, choirs, dance and drama exhibited what local people can do. Watched in a relaxed manner by numerous families and residents and refreshed with picnics, cakes and drinks, the entertainment was superb.

Most of the energy came from ourselves and of course the sun shone for good measure. There was a good feeling of bonhomie and visitors were pleased with our stall and delightful homemade banner. Thinking for the future with more constrained resources didn’t appear to upset many people in such a lively setting. Some visitors were knowing and some visitors were keen to discover what Sustainable Bishopston was all about. Many stayed for a long chat and linked to other community groups.

Sarah Thomson ran a raffle for reusable Onya Bags (winners, Catherine Smith & Evie Murphy) and Martin Fodor conducted a game which would lead one to save 10% of one’s carbon emissions. Chairman, Rupert Higgins and Secretary, Ian Baker were on hand to impart information and squeeze a donation. Where to keep bicycles safely, which were good routes, how better to insulate, woodburning, saving more energy, saving water – the topics kept coming.

It was a lovely event.

With thanks to our colleagues, The Friend’s of St Andrew’s Park.

[Thanks to Martin Fodor for the photos]

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